About Us

Nordenzi is the online shop for your stamp needs! 

Personalized Stamps Nordenzi

With a range of different stamps, we help businesses, home stampers, golf players, and creative-minded people to personalize their needs. Our stamps are designed to last long; we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, easy-to-use, and safe stamps!

Are you a golf player tired of not knowing which ball is yours while playing?

Don't worry; our revolutionary and personalized golf ball stamps make a long-lasting mark on your golf balls. So, mark your territory and not in any way hit the wrong golf ball again!

We also offer customized fabric stamps, business stamps, address stamps, wedding stampsteachers' stamps, and children's stamps like our clothing stamps for children.

After all, at Nordenzi, our customized stamps are made with love! ♥

Our custom-made stamps are for everyone! At Nordenzi, we take pride in being all-inclusive. Our customized stamps can cover all your needs, from children and teachers to business people.

Do you want people to know your address? No problem, we have everything you need with our return address stamp! Or better yet, give a personalized touch to all your documents by customizing your own name stamp.

 All our custom stamps are pre-loaded with non-toxic black ink. This means that each stamp makes a clear, sharp imprint with no blurring or smearing effect. So cool, right?

If you need a design different from our offer, we can change our designs to accommodate your needs (an extra charge may be applied). If you are happy, we are happy ☺

Our custom-made stamps are best and as easy as ABC. Simply find a surface you want to stamp on, place the stamp correctly, apply gentle pressure, and you are done! We told you- it is easy peasy lemon squeezy! ✔