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Original Ideas to announce your Weeding Day - Save the Date

Many people think that Save The Date is the exact moment you announce that you are getting married, but the truth is that it is not the same thing. They can coincide; if not, on the day you inform your loved ones, you will know the wedding date, but if not, there are two different announcements.

One, where you announce that you and your partner are getting married, the other one else announces the exact date so guests can book it.

Regardless of its nature, organizing Save the Date is not to replace the classic wedding invitations sent by regular mail and contain both the date and place of the wedding.

Save the date is a way to pass this information on to guests, especially when some of them are from abroad or have complicated jobs when it comes to arranging. It is also a kind of informal notice that you can use to make something original and start leaving a mark on your guests before the wedding celebration itself.

A wedding is a joyful event, and these feelings can begin to be expressed months before your big day. We'll give you a few ideas to report your wedding date differently.

Save the Date Ideas for Wedding

Announcing your Wedding Day by Email

Of course, in the world we live in, the option of using the Internet could not be lacking. However, you could be sending a simple message with a date without further ado when it comes to email.

Today you can find hundreds of interactive ecards that you can send by email: romantic, funny, emotional. I guarantee you will find the perfect card to launch your Save The Date to all your guests.


The Classic Save the Date Card

Custom Wedding Stamp, Save the Date Stamp, Nordenzi Stamps

Sending the card by regular mail is especially recommended for those older relatives who may not be very good at computers and email. Remember, this is not an invitation.

It's not about making a pre-wedding invitation but simply a simple greeting card with a design linked to you and on which your names and date appear. The nice thing about these cards is that you can mail them to those far away and hand them to nearby guests.


Get your Custom Save the Date Stamp

custom wedding invitations stamps, custom save the date stamps

You can make the cards yourself (DIY) without too much trouble with the help of your own customized Save the Date or Wedding stamp. You can order your custom design on a rubber pre-inked stamp to print each card yourself. In addition to being an economical and simple option, this stamp will allow you to use it on other items such as envelopes, wedding favors, table cards, and even in your wedding planner or notebook.

Another advantage of buying the Save the Date stamp is that you can reuse it on your wedding invitations or wedding envelopes. There are many designs for owning your own Save The Date stamp, and it will be a great memory of your special day. Get your Wedding Stamp.


Pre-Wedding Photos

Save the date ideas, Nordenzi Wedding Stamps

In recent times, a trend known as pre-wedding photoshoots has emerged, and these are, as the name suggests, professional photos taken just before the wedding as a keepsake for the bride and groom. If you take pre-wedding pictures in advance, you can use that same session to take a photo associated with Save The Date.

For example, in one of the photos, you can appear next to a frame with the date printed or even with some item of clothing such as caps, mugs or personalized t-shirts where you can see it. You can then send that photo to guests to tell them about your wedding day.



Thanks to cell phones, you can easily record videos with quality images. This one is a cool and fun save the date idea. Here again, your imagination and creativity and what you want to express in a video come to the fore.

If you have a pet like a dog, you can include it in your video. It will be a lovely and cute save-the-date idea.

You can send this video to guests via Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook to surprise them with an original way to communicate the wedding date or upload it to YouTube, send a link, and encourage them to leave comments. It will be a precious memory!


How far in advance do you send out save the dates?

Generally, it is good to post reserved four to six months before the wedding or even before if you are planning a beach or destination wedding that may require more extensive travel arrangements.



Do not be afraid to be carried away by your creativity and surprise your guests with the best of yourself. Whether it's a card, a personalized stamp or even a video, the result will always be good, and you will create beautiful memories for your loved ones even before the wedding takes place.

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