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Clothing name stamp for kids

Clothing name stamp for kids

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Clothing name stamp for kids

This clothing stamp is easy to use and fun for everyone! It can also be called a laundry stamp because you can stamp the fabric, providing a great solution to identify clothes and personal belongings at school and home!  

This customizable kids clothes stamper can stamp paper, cardboard, cork, and fabric! So, do laundry without worrying about ink fading or mixing similar clothes.  

There is no messy ink on your children's clothes or personal belongings because each stamp is a permanent market, pre-inked with safe, non-toxic black ink.  

What if it is a dark garment?

Don't worry; each stamp comes with 6" of printing tape, so dark clothes could be stamped. 

How to use the printing tape or tape clothing for dark clothes?

It is straightforward, just three easy steps:

  1. Place the iron-on label on the clothing.
  2. Use an iron to heat the adhesive on the back of the tape and attach it to the garment.
  3. Stamp the printing tape onto your clothes using a clothes stamp.

Please note: The iron should be set to a recommended temperature of 300°F to ensure proper adhesion of the textile tape to the fabric. However, please check the garment's instructions to avoid any potential damage.

How can I personalize the clothing stamper?

It is effortless to customize your children's clothes stamper :

  1. Please choose the stamp external color you want and click on personalize it.
  2. Write the name, last name, phone number, or School name of the child in the personalization box to customize your stamp. You have two lines to write the text.
  3. Select the icon of your preference and pick between many funny and cute designs: Faces, sports, cute animals, toys...
  4. Add to cart and check out.

The personalized kids stamps are perfect for:

  • Birthday presents, school uniforms, daycare clothes, backpacks, back to school, party favors, holidays presents, Christmas gifts, and many more!

Be unique and mark your personal belongings with style, using the Nordenzi permanent clothing stamp!

How to stamp fabric

The clothing stamps are pre-loaded with non-toxic black ink. It means that each stamp is a self-inking permanent clothing stamp and makes a clear, sharp imprint.

This laundry resistant stamp with your name is also waterproof and long-lasting! Just a word of caution: These fabric stamps work best with cotton and smooth-surfaced natural fiber fabricsWhen you come across dark clothes, polyester, satin, rayon, and other materials, you need to use the printing tape (Included).  Please do not use on satin tags or other very absorbent tag textiles.

For better results, wash your stamped clothing after 24 hours.

The stamps work as a permanent marker because they are also suitable to personalize books, agendas, gloves, shoes, and other accessories!

So bring out your notebooks, kids! Place the stamp on a smooth surface and stamp. Show off your style and ask your friends to do it as well!

Each custom clothing stamp kit for kids includes:

  • Customized content (Two lines of text and one icon)
  • 6" or 15 Cm of printing tape (Special glued fabric tape)
  • Inkpad with non-toxic black ink
  • Nordenzi Canvas pouch

Why should you buy our clothing label stamp?

Who doesn't like stamps on their accessories? Well, if you are doubtful, here are a few reasons why you should buy our cute stamps for children:

  • It can be used on fabrics, personal items, and accessories.
  • It is a perfect stamp for students.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Use non-toxic ink stamp to protect your loved ones.
  • Reliable and quick stamper.
  • Eco-friendly because you won't need clothing labels.
  • It can be used as a clothing stamp for daycare.
  • Cost friendly and Time-saving.

Benefits of the Custom Name Stamp for Clothes

  • It is a great way to identify your child's clothes from others in the laundry room or keep track of which items belong to each child when they are playing together.
  • It can be customized to fit your child's style. It makes it easy for them to find their clothes and other items in the laundry or school. You can even use it on lunch boxes, backpacks, toys, and more! It is an essential item for any parent who wants to keep track of their kids' stuff.
  • A clothing stamp custom is a great way to show off your kids' individuality. It will also help them identify their clothing and prevent mix-ups with classmates.
  • With two colors, two text lines, and many cute icons to choose from, we can make sure that your little one will always be able to recognize their things!
  • It is the perfect gift for any parent who wants their kids to learn how to spell their names early. And don't forget about yourself - this would make an excellent gift for anyone with a unique last name or nickname!
  • It can be used as a stamper for students or a clothing stamp for daycare.

Personalize your label stamp for clothes now and start making beautiful patterns on your garments!

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